Art. 1 – definition

The Swiss Gamers Award is a distinction given out by the ludesco association. It is given to the board game, which has been chosen by the players of game clubs established in Switzerland as the „Best game of the year“.

The ludesco association has exclusive ownership of the name and the logo Swiss Gamers Award.

Art.2 – participating clubs

Any game club/association can ask to participate in the nomination of the Swiss Gamers Award. A club which has been accepted by the ludesco association is called « participating club ». The association ludesco can refuse the participation of a club or association in the nomination of the Swiss Gamers Award by sending the reasons for the decision in writing to the club having applied.

Only clubs signed in as participating clubs can take part in the voting procedure. The list of participating clubs can be consulted on the website of the Swiss Gamers Award (

If there are less than 8 participating clubs the Swiss Gamers Award is not attributed.

Art. 3 – attribution of points

Each participating club establishes a classification of the five prefered games of its members.

Each game figuring in the classification receives a certain number of points according to the following chart :

Best game: 8 points
2nd best game: 5 points
3rd best game: 3 points
4th best game: 2 points
5th best game: 1 point

Each club has complete freedom of choice of procedure and criteria to establish its classification. Ideally speaking, a club should establish its classification with the consent of as many club members as possible.
Each participating club delegates a contact person in charge of transferring the classification to the ludesco association. One single classification per participating club is admitted.

Art. 4 – eligible games

Only games which can be played in an autonomous manner can receive points. An extension of a game can not receive points unless it can also be played in an autonomous manner.

A participating club can attribute points to any of the games listed on at least one of the two following websites : and

The consultation procedure with the participating clubs is held in November and December of the year preceding the distribution of the prize (the Swiss Gamers Award is handed out in February or March). The association ludesco reserves the right to prolong the time of the election period. The clubs may only elect games which have been published during the beginning of the year of the election period. Games which figure on the new games list of « The international game days Essen » of the year previous to the beginning of the current election year are also eligble. In order to avoid any ambiguity the association ludesco transmits this list to all participating clubs.

The edition year of a game corresponds to the one in reference with the specialised websites and In case those two sites indicate different publishing dates, the games being considered as having two publishing dates (and might be proposed for the election if at least one of the two corresponds with the current starter year of the election period).

A game which has achieved one of the five distinctions in the previous Swiss Gamers
Award can not be nominated.

Art. 5 – Attribution of the Swiss Gamers Award

The game which has received the largest number of points in total will carry off the prize Swiss Gamers Award. In case of egality between several games, the one which has been selected by most participating clubs receives the Swiss Gamers Award. In case of repeated egality the game which has most often been placed in first place (then, by repeated egality the one most often figured in 2nd place, then in 3rd, then in 4th place) receives the distinction. In the unlikely case of perfect egality between several games, all the games receive the distinction of Swiss Gamers Award.

The laureat Swiss Gamers Award is announced by the ludesco association in February or March following the year in which the consultation procedure has started. The ludesco association publishes the list of the 5 games with most points as well as the number of points received from each club.

The Swiss Gamers Award is purely an honorary distinction. The authors, the editors and distributors of the laureat game may make free reference to the distinction received, especially in their promotion by using the name and the logo Swiss Gamers Award.

In addition, the ludesco association commits itself to putting the laureat game in evidence during the next edition of its game festival (for exemple through an initiation or a tournement).

Art. 6 – Competition for the participating clubs

During each edition of the Swiss Gamers Award, the ludesco association draws three participating clubs in a raffle who will receive an exemple of the laureat game contributed by the ludesco association. Any sort of appeal concerning this drawing is exluded.

In addition, each participating club receives five invitations for the next edition of the ludesco game Festival.

Art. 7 – Litigation

In the case of a difference between English and French of these rules, the French version will count.

All appeals concerning the attribution of the Swiss Gamers Award are excluded.