Art. 1 – Definition

The Swiss Gamers Award (hereafter SGA) is a distinction awarded by the LUDESCO association.

It is awarded to the board game that has been declared best game of the year following a consultation procedure conducted with Swiss players that participated in the nomination via the clubs / gaming associations established in Switzerland.

The name and logo of the Swiss Gamers Award/SGA are the exclusive property of the LUDESCO association.

Art. 2 – SGA Participants

Any gaming club or association established in Switzerland may participate in the nomination of the SGA.

A club or association participating in the vote is called a « SGA participant ».

The LUDESCO association may refuse the participation of a club / association in the nomination of the SGA by sending written reasons for this refusal.

The SGA list of participants is published on the Swiss Gamers Award website (

If there are less than 8 SGA Participants, the Swiss Gamers Award is not awarded.

Art. 3 Functioning

The consultation led by the LUDESCO association with the SGA Participants ends on January 31st of the festival year.

Each participating club ranks from one to five of its players’ favorite games.

Each participating club is free to use any method and criteria it wishes to establish its ranking. Ideally, SGA Participants should establish their ranking by taking into account the opinions of as many of their members as possible.

Each SGA Participant appoints a contact person responsible for providing, in writing, its ranking to the LUDESCO association.

Only one ranking per participating club is accepted.

Art. 4 – Attribution of points

Each game on a SGA Participant’s ranking receives points according to the following scale:

Best game: 8 points
2nd best game: 5 points
3rd best game: 3 points
4th best game: 2 points
5th best game: 1 point

Art. 5 – Eligible games

Only games that can be played autonomously (without the purchase of additional equipment) can receive points. An extension of a game cannot receive points unless it can also be played autonomously.

Only games that were published in the two years before the festival date are eligible.

A game that has already been nominated at the SGA is not eligible.

Art. 6 – Attribution of the Swiss Gamers Award

The game with the highest total number of points receives the Swiss Gamers Award.

In the event of a tie between several games, the one that has been nominated by the most SGA Participants receives the Swiss Gamers Award. In the event of a new tie, the game with the highest number of 1st places receives the distinction.

A game may appear in both the Swiss Gamers Award (see the rules of and the Swiss Gamers Award Kids.

The Swiss Gamers Award is a purely honorary distinction. The authors, publishers and distributors of the winning game may freely refer to the award, particularly in their advertising campaigns, by using the name and logo of the Swiss Gamers Award.

Art. 7 – Contest for the SGA Participants

During each edition of the Swiss Gamers Award, the LUDESCO association draws three SGA Participants in a raffle who will receive a copy of one of the nominated games.

Any appeal concerning this draw is excluded.

Art. 8 – Litigation

In case of any difference between the French, German and English versions of these regulations, the French version prevails.

All appeals concerning the attribution of the Swiss Gamers Award are excluded.